Grow your profit and get more time 'Off the Tools' with this group.

Our community does not have any adverts or silly comments, just sound business advice with added extras for the tradesman and woman looking to improve their profits and enjoy life more. 

Spaces Limited to Just 50 for this initial Launch.

What you get:

What is  ‘Off The Tools Elite’ ?

Well the main purpose is to provide 

✅ Business Training

✅ Information Resource

✅ Guidance & Support

✅ Accountability 

✅ Mastermind Group

✅ System and Processes

✅ Live Training Sessions

✅ Plus Lots More...

Online booking system

Includes your own online booking system so you can compete with the big boys.

Get annual services paid for before you even arrive at the job! Full Training Included.

Service Plan Setup

Marketing help

Online marketing is always changing, keep ahead with free videos from the experts.

Leverage the buying power off our contacts to get unbeatable prices for a wide range of products and services.

Group discounts

Testimonial Section

"Such a great help to our business, its amazing how little tweaks can improve your lifestyle."



"Now I am working on my business and not IN my business"



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Our businesses have acquired over 15,000 Customers

Setup by two fellow Gas Engineers with the experience of running 5 seperate businesses for the last 20 years (combined)